State & National Parks


State & National Parks

State and National Parks right out your front door!
The St. George area is host to some of the most incredible hiking and biking trails in the world. Visit national monuments, state parks, national parks and well groomed trails within minutes from Estancia Resort.

Snow Canyon State Park

Estimated Drive Time from Estancia Resort – 21 minutes
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This beautiful desert landscape offers beautiful views and peaceful environment. Explore the red rocks by foot, bike, horseback or from your vehicle. The ancient lava flows and Navajo sandstone creates a truly magical setting for your day trip to Snow Canyon.

Zion National Park

Estimated Drive Time from Estancia Resort – 1 hour
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A million years in the making Zion National Park provides breathtaking hikes that inspire. Zion offers over 140,000 acres of pristine nature preserve. The park boasts nearly 2.5 million visitors annually. The park offers a shuttle service to its guests. It is very convenient to use and reduces emissions and traffic during the busy summer months. Dramatic cliffs and beautiful waterfalls and rivers will keep you coming back to explore the beauty of Zion National Park. This is a must see during your trip to St. George, Utah.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Estimated Drive Time from Estancia Resort – 2.2 hours
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Imagine you pulled the top off the largest red rock cave cavern… Ta-dah you have Bryce Canyon. There is literally no other place like it in the world. Bryce is filled with hoodoos formations, the crazy shaped rock left standing after erosion. I like to imagine Bryce as a thick forest of stone. Hop in the car and don’t miss out on this beautiful landscape.

Kanarra Creek Falls

Estimated Drive Time from Estancia Resort – 50 minutes
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This beautiful slot canyon will keep your camera clicking. Great exercise and challenging for small children and elderly. This slot canyon is truly a hidden gem. Make sure to pack a few snacks and plenty of water. Check weather patterns and make sure there is no chance of rain. For more information and beautiful pictures & video read this blog post.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Estimated Drive Time from Estancia Resort – 2.75 hours
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The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is actually located in Utah! Visiting the Grand Canyon from the St. George area is the perfect way to skip the crowds and take in the beauty of this natural wonder. A combination of geologic colors and erosion decorate the 277 river mile canyon. Some parts of the canyon are 18 miles wide! Make sure to plan ahead there are entrance fees and the North Rim is closed for the winter and re-opens May 15th this year.

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