St. George Hikes

St. George Hikes

St. George is famous for it’s amazing hikes through red rock formations and beautiful desert scenery. The best time of day to go on these hikes is normally in the morning and evening while it is cool. Come down to St. George for the beautiful outdoors and stay at Estancia Resort! We have fully furnished luxury condo’s that are the perfect home away from home. Relax and enjoy our brand new pool and spacious 2,3, and 4 bedroom suites after a day spent hiking through the majestic red rocks.

Jenny’s Canyon- Snow Canyon State Park

Difficulty: Easy
Round trip length: .5 mile
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37°11’17.6″N 113°38’39.8″W
Directions: From St George, head north on Bluff Street and take exit to Red Hills Pkwy/Snow Canyon Pkwy. Turn left onto Snow Canyon Pkwy and travel 3.2 miles until you come to a traffic circle. Proceed through the circle and continue 0.7 miles. At the next traffic circle take the first exit onto Snow Canyon Dr. In 1.5 miles (after passing through the main gate) the trail head will be on your right.

This is an easy, family friendly, hike that leads up to a little slot canyon that you can climb around in or to a nice overlook that looks over the Snow Canyon State Park. Part of this hike may be impassable if it is raining.

Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site

Difficulty: Easy
Round trip length: 1 mile
Trailhead co-ordinates: 36°58’58.3″N 113°30’11.0″W
Directions: Follow River Rd. South until it turns in to a dirt road. Follow the dirt road for about 1/4 mile until you see the sign on the left that says “Black Mountain Petroglyph Site”. Turn left. Follow the main dirt road for about 3 miles. Around 3 miles in you will see a dirt parking lot with a picnic table and an outhouse. This is Little Black Mountain. Be sure to stay on the main road and do not follow the many ATV and 4WD roads that jut off from the main road.

This fun little hike takes you around sandstone formations that feature ancient petroglyphs. Located just south of St. George across the Arizona border.

Snow Canyon State Park Petroglyph’s

Difficulty: Easy
Round trip length: 1.8 miles
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37 11’6″ N 113 37’24” W
Directions: From I-15 take exit 6 onto Bluff Street and head north toward Pine Valley Mountain. Bluff Street turns into Hwy 18 as you head up the hill. Continue up the hill about 4 miles until you come onto a plateau where you will see a ranch and some houses on the left. Take the last dirt road on your left (4400 North) and travel slowly down to the gate and park.

One of the coolest hikes in Snow Canyon State Park, this hike will take you past several canyons that have ancient petroglyph’s in them. This hike will bring you in a loop through all of them, including some small slot canyons with petroglyphs, Newspaper Rock, and Sinking Ship Rock. They are easy to miss so keep your eyes open!

Paradise Rim/Gecko/The Gap Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Round trip length: 1-4.5 miles (depends on the loop you take)
Trailhead co-ordinates: 2072 N Cascade Canyon Drive, St. George, Ut 84770
Directions: This trailhead leads right out of a neighborhood and onto the Gap Trail loop. If you go left at the first fork it will put you on the Gecko trail loop which leads to the Paradise Rim trail. They are all pretty interchangeable and you can see the red rock formations that they lead to. This is a great family-friendly trail that leads to several red rock formations that are fun to scramble up.

Scout Cave Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Round trip length: 3.5 miles
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37°14’15.9″N 113°38’11.3″W
Directions:From I-15 take exit 6 onto Bluff Street and head north toward Pine Valley Mountain for about 3.5 miles. Turn left onto Snow Canyon Parkway and continue about 4 miles. Turn right on Snow Canyon Dr and follow this road for about 1 mile. You will see a Trailhead on your right. You can park on the left.

This fun hike takes you through some beautiful scenery and drops you at an incredible large cave with amazing views that Indians used to use to scout the area.

Kanarraville Falls/ Kanarra Creek Trail

Difficulty: Moderate
Round trip length: 5 miles
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37°32’15.2″N 113°10’32.5″W
Directions: From St George, head north on I-15 for about 33 miles and take exit 42 to New Harmony/Kanarraville. Turn right on Hwy 144 and take an immediate left onto Harmony Ridge Dr/Old US 91. Continue about 4.5 miles into Kanarraville and turn right onto 100 North. Follow 100 North 3.5 blocks until you see the parking lot on your left.

This is a very popular and rewarding hike. The trail is really green and it’s great for cooling off on a hot day. You cross the creek several times throughout the hike so keep in mind that you will get wet. It’s not suitable for small children but it is a beautiful hike that takes you to fantastic waterfalls.

Yant Flat (Candy Cliffs)

Difficulty: Moderate
Round trip length: 2.5 miles (could be longer if you explore the area)
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37°14’05.2″N 113°28’37.5″W
Directions: From St George, head north on I-15 for about 13 miles and take exit 22 to Leeds/Silver Reef. Turn left onto Main Street and head north for about 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Silver Reef Rd and follow for 1.2 miles until it turns into a dirt road (Oak Grove Road) and continue for about 2 miles. At this point the road forks and there is a sign that says St George left and Oak Grove right. Head left toward St George. On a map this road is FR031. You will follow this road for about 7 more miles until you reach your destination on the left. (It is about 1.5 miles past Yankee Doodle Hollow Creek if you are looking on a map.) You will recognize the trailhead when you see a forest service road (FR903) head north on the right, and a little pull out just opposite on the left. Pull into the left ‘pull out’ and this is your trail.

This amazing hike leads you to uniquely colored sandstone formations that have orange and white swirls. This is an incredible experience that has two main areas that just beg you to explore them!

Observation Point-Zion National Park

Difficulty: High
Round trip length: 8 miles
Trailhead co-ordinates: 37°16’15.3″N 112°56’18.6″W
Directions: From St George, head north on I-15 for about 21 miles and take exit 27 to Toquerville. Turn right onto UT-17 S/UT-228 and follow it for 6 miles. Turn left onto UT-9 E/W 500 N and continue 20 miles to the Zion National Park Entrance. During the months of November-March the shuttle system is not running and you will have to drive to the trailhead – in which case, continue 1.5 miles and turn left onto Floor of the Valley Rd/Zion Canyon Scenic Dr, and follow for 4.5 miles until you see the parking area for Weeping Rock on the right. During the months of April-October you are required to ride the shuttle unless you are staying at the Zion Lodge and have a Red pass – so you will turn right after the entrance gate and park in the Visitor’s Center Parking and follow signs for the shuttle. Board the shuttle and ride until you get to the Weeping Rock stop and exit the bus.

This difficult trail gains alot of elevation and is similar to the Angel’s Landing hike but it is less dangerous and has an even better view! This trail is mostly switchbacks with a brief slot canyon but the view it leads to is simply stunning!

Kolob Arch- Zion National Park

Difficulty: High
Round trip length: 14.5 miles
Trailhead co-ordinates: N37 27.131 W113 11.476
Directions: Kolob Canyons is located at Exit 40 on I-15, 40 miles north of Zion Canyon and 17 miles south of Cedar City. The Visitor’s Center at the mouth of the canyon marks the beginning of your adventure. All visitors must pass through to show passes, pick up permits, and/or pay before entering. Drive 5 miles up the scenic canyon and the Lee Pass Trailhead is on your left toward the top of the hill. Park your car in the stall.

The Kolob Arch is the world’s second longest free-standing arch and very few people actually see it. This strenuous trail is a beautiful well-kept secret in Zion National Park. It goes along the Lee Pass and drops you in the La Verkin Creek and connects to the Kolob Arch trail.

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